Sophomore Service Days, with their recent inception, are a great way to get involved with the community and serve the people of God’s kingdom.

Sophomore Class President Olivia Fiore says that “true service is consistent and intentional” and that this is a great way to serve. By pairing up with Interfaith Social Services there are plenty of service opportunities coming up. “Service isn’t just going across the world to help people,” Fiore says, “Service is in your backyard, it’s accessible, and you should be doing it all the time” These service days are a great way to help give back to the community surrounding ENC.

There are plenty of events coming up this semester. First, there will be a food drive in November. The Sophomore Class Council hopes to work with both the Wollaston and Bethel Churches of the Nazarene, in attempts to gather a significant number of donations for Interfaith Social Service’s center. After that, there will be a clothing and personal care drive happening in December on campus. Last on the roster for this semester is the biggest event students will have the opportunity to volunteer with; The Feed the Hungry Gala on December 6th. Fiore states, “it’s an activity for the community, but it’s also a place for people with full wallets to come and give money to the center so it can continue its important work.” The Gala will include games and other activities to help bring awareness to what Interfaith is all about and help those in need within the community.

In the future, there are hopes of branching out to other organizations and continue the operation for years to come. When asked about this, Fiore said: “I’m hoping I can pass it on next year, either if I serve a position anywhere in SGA next year, or if the next sophomore board wants to take it over.” These events are great ways to not only get involved around campus but to help people outside of our campus as well.

If you have any questions, interests, or even an idea for a service day, contact Fiore at . There will be flyers around campus noting when Service Days are approaching, so keep an eye out if you’re interested!